What I believed in 2004

I wrote this Credo in 10 minutes on 1st November 2004.
My list of beliefs are different in 2019

It isn’t exhaustive. This wasn’t my list of beliefs 5 years ago. My views next week may be different.

  • I believe anyone can be creative

  • I believe creativity can be learned

  • I believe creativity is primarily nurture, not nature

  • I believe that genius is attainable by most

  • I believe that genius is a concept of personal value, not a cultural accolade

  • I believe creative people of the past are artificially held up as models, and that this is unhelpful. I believe this model discourages creativity in the present. The higher they are held up, the more powerful the shadow

  • I believe creativity is about being oneself; fully, truly, actively

  • I believe we need to see creative people of the past in terms of their processes rather than their products if we want them to be useful to us creatively

  • I believe that creative history (the history of art for example) is not linear (chronological)

  • I believe there is truth in the statement: The past doesn’t influence me, I influence it

  • I believe that the notion of the Great Artist is an idea existing in a small pocket of history and is becoming shallow and redundant

  • I believe the artefacts of greatest value (products of creativity) are the ones which truly represent their time but which celebrate possibility (Keywords: Zeitgeist. Avant-Garde. Experimental)

  • I believe the concept of winners and losers (in a market controlled art world) blocks more creativity than it encourages

  • I believe the range of activities and artefacts celebrated as “great” is too compartmentalised and too narrow

  • I believe that creativity is stifled by taxonomy

  • I believe that there is “great art”, but that this includes a wider range of artists, media, and products than the range included in any canon

  • I believe the role of the audience is active

  • I believe the creative act (and its artefacts) justifies itself or has no justification at all. The rest is marketing and publicity (which is fine, but isn’t art)

Jamie Crofts 2004

What I believed in 2004

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